‘‘ I see art as a tool, a means to:
                               … share different perspectives. 
                               … understand and reflect upon our context and current situation.
                               … experience different things!
                               … understand myself: my past, present and future.

                                                              Art as a means to collectively experience and share different perspectives in order to reflect upon our own.

I’m in love with the kind of art that makes us think.
Art that makes us reflect upon our position in the world.

I share and care for, and about; through art.
I do this by organizing events, researching and discussing about it,
teaching, facilitating experiences and performing.

I am interested in the human condition and in those simple things,
which in my eyes; are somehow forgotten or overlooked.
Therefore food, people and (allowing time for) being present
are crucial overall my practice.’’  

Lola Diaz Cantoni (AR, 1993)
Lives and works in Groningen, The Netherlands