2019 (November), Groningen - NL
PAS studies #67 | course of action 
led by bbb johannes deimling

2015 - 2019, Groningen - NL
Minerva Academy, Hanzehogeschool
Bachelor in Autonomous Fine Arts

2015 (Apr - May), London - UK
University of the Arts London (UAL)
Certificate in Independent Curatorship

2011 - 2012, Buenos Aires - ARG
Escuela Sup. de Creativos Publicitarios (ESCP)
Certificate in Artistic Direction

2011 (Mar - Nov), Buenos Aires - ARG
Espacio Buenos Aires (EBA)
Certificate in Fashion Production and Styling

2002 - 2010, Buenos Aires - ARG
Solar Del Pilar College
Bachelor of Humanities

2008 - 2010, Buenos Aires - ARG
Teatro municipal Pilar
Theatre workshop

2008 (January), Buenos Aires - ARG
Nuevo Fotoclub Argentino
Summer course in Analogue Photography

2002, Buenos Aires - Argentina
El Mate taller de cine
Introduction to cinema course


2019 (June - Present), Groningen - NL
Member of HUL, an art foundation supporting emerging artist
in the city of Groningen, providing a shared studio and exhibition space

2019 (Janurary - Present), Groningen - NL
Member of ARTisBOOK Foundation

2019 (January - Present), Groningen - NL
Co-organiser and curator of ‘Does it have a name’,  monthly performance evenings
at the ARTisBOOK Shop, together with Marinus Agustijn and Michel de Vries

2019 (January - November), Groningen - NL
Member of the Editorial board in The Catalyst Club, a self-organised
group of students, alumni and tutors from a range of disciplines
building together an extracurricular programme.

2018 (December - Present), Groningen - NL
Member of Collective Constructs, an art collective which focuses on
collaborative and socially engaged projects

2018 (13th April), Groningen - NL
Organiser of ‘The thin line between performance art and performing arts’,
an evening where specialists from both fields came together to discuss
with the audience about both disciplines and compare the works presented
by six performers at Theatre de Machinefabriek (NNT)

2018 (May - Present), Groningen - NL
Member of Play Mobility, an art collective which explores and researches the limits
of performance art and performing spaces

2017 (April - Present), Groningen - NL
Member of KLAP, a student-initiated platform which organises lectures, exhibitions, events & collaborative projects worldwide (in 2017 we travelled to Stockholm (SW) and in 2018 we travelled to Hanoi (VN))

Residencies and Grants

2019 (March), Beetsterzwaag - NL
48 hs Residency at Kunsthuis SYB, together with Jorien Ketelaar

2018 (September), New York - USA
Travel grant by De Groot Brugmansfund to carry on research upon art institutions
in NY and also interview Fluxus artist Nye Ffarrabas

2018 (March), Hanoi - VN
Grant from Berend Vis and Minerva Academy given to KLAP to develop a program
for art students of the Fine Arts Academy of Hanoi (Exchanging Dialogues)

2017 (August), Stockholm - SWE
Grant from Minerva Academy given to KLAP in collaboration with Rob van Haren
to develop a concept presented at the SDG LAB

2017 (July), Groningen - NL
48hs Residency at P.A.I.R. (Portable Artist In Residency)

2016 (June), Kampala - UG
Grant from Minerva Academy to travel to  Kampala to collaborate with students
of the UCU as part of the course Parallel Portraits


2019 (Sept - Jan 2020), Groningen - NL
Teaching Off-course ‘DO IT’ at Minerva Academy.

2019 (March - June), Groningen - NL
Teaching Off-course ‘Performance art in the city of Groningen’ at Minerva Academy,
together with Jan van Egmond and Merel Heering

2018 (December), Groningen - NL
Guest speaker at ‘Expertmeeting #4: Designing the social / Art as a catalyst’
at Minerva Academy, together with  Jorien Ketelaar, Frederiek Bennema, Yanthe van Nek, Klaas Hendrik Hantschel and Vilius Vaitiekunas

2018 (November), Groningen - NL
Leading workshop NNTRAW ‘Er Zal Ieman Komen’ for Mbo, first year students,
at NNT: De Machinefabriek, together with Nico Endeman and Anne Weges

2017 (April - May), Groningen - NL
Created and guided ‘MAKE SOME NOISE’, an optional 8-week course
at Minerva Academy, together with Bob Slee and Angelos Messiou

2016 (November – December), Groningen - NL
Volunteer Guide at ‘World Press Photo Groningen’ at the Synagogue Groningen

2014 (May – October), Hertfordshire - UK
Museum Guide at the ‘Henry Moore Foundation

2014 (March), Hertfordshire - UK
Created and self-organised ‘SHART’, a workshop for young people to discuss contemporary art and our relationship and preconception towards it

2013 (January – April), Buenos Aires - ARG Founder of Encontra{r}te en Buenos Aires, a series of cultural tours around the city of Buenos Aires


FORMED / UNFORMED (GROUP), Former Sugar Factory, Groningen, NL
Window Exhibition at The World We Live In (GROUP), Groningen, NL
Performance Weekend (GROUP), ETAT, Groningen, NL
GREEN LIGHTs (GROUP), Henri Dunantlaan 2, Groningen, NL

‘Todos tenemos algo que enterrar’ (SOLO), Pilar, Buenos Aires, ARG
We all have something to burry, 2nd ed (SOLO), PAIR, Groningen, NL
The Supreme Exodus LAB (GROUP), Praediniussingel 59, Groningen, NL
Envelope Exhibition (GROUP), ETAT, Groningen, NL
Play Mobility (GROUP), Universiteitsbibliotheek (UB), Groningen, NL
UnderGrand#5: Minerva takeover, (GROUP) Grand Theatre, Groningen, NL
Play Mobility (GROUP), Groningen Forum Library, Groningen, NL
Exchanging Dialogues (GROUP), Hanoi Fine Arts Academy, Hanoi, VN
‘Shift / Swift’(GROUP), Praediniussingel 59, Groningen, NL

We all have something to burry (SOLO), PAIR, Groningen, NL
Social Experiment (SOLO), Pilar, Buenos Aires, ARG
Make your own pot and take a plant home (SOLO), Minerva Academy, Groningen, NL
The world we live in (GROUP), Prins Claus Conservatorium, Groningen NL
Organic II (GROUP), Rembrandt van Rijnstraat 224, Groningen, NL
Living Room Exhibition #2 (GROUP), Groningen, NL
TENT (GROUP), Machinefabriek RAW, Groningen, NL

Social Experiment (SOLO), 32 Degrees, Kampala, UG
Drawing experience at Festival Terug Naar Het Begin (GROUP), Appingedam, NL
We, people in transition (GROUP), Praediniussingel 59, Groningen, NL
Selection of drawings (GROUP), EMG Faktors, Groningen, NL

Art group exhibition (GROUP), Harlow Library, Hertfordshire, UK

Photo contest (GROUP), Phos Gallery, Buenos Aires, ARG