Being a fourteen years old who started to discover life within a bigger city, during my daily trips to La Quinta Avenida or Bond Street*, I began to explore alternative realities and meet different kinds of people. I remember being particularly fascinated by the old people who would own the shops, gather with their friends for coffee in the afternoon, or those who would walk on the streets, vividly and particularly dressed up. Their vitality and enjoyment for life was (and still is) something which I admire and manages to warmly melt my heart.
With a camera as my tool for encapturing such fascinating human beings, I began to take pictures of them, evolving to having encounters in which I used the camera as an excuse to share a moment with them and hear their stories.
* two very particular spaces in the city center of Buenos Aires: one full of second-hand shops and the other, full of tattoo parlors, gothic clothing, and music shops.